If your in-house IT team needs professional support on an ongoing or on a one-off basis, then SCA can help with even the most challenging of technical tasks.

Whether it’s coping with a spike in workload or ensuring a smooth transition to cloud computing platforms, SCA has precisely the kind of expertise and experience that can give your in-house IT staff some valuable support.

Our enterprise services are always geared towards meeting the specific needs of individual organisations and we’re passionate about making sure that all our business partners maximise the true potential of their IT investments and the technologies their people rely upon.

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Our business is all about equipping yours with precisely the technology and the IT solutions that give you an advantage in your field and the kind of reliability that really makes a difference.

Being an entrepreneur is challenging enough without having your computers or your communication systems let you down at crucial moments.

SCA’s Plug In and Go packages give your business, whether you are a start-up, solo operator or SME, access to the same calibre of IT systems, security and software as your larger competitors.

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Securing reliable access to specific IT systems, whether hardware or software, can help your business open up new horizons and develop your services in vitally important ways.

But buying the latest, most powerful and game-changing technologies isn’t always possible and capital expenditure can be prohibitive when cash flow is taken into account.

SCA can help you overcome budgetary constraints by offering rental or leasing financing solutions for the IT systems you need for your business.

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Managed services

Ensuring that your IT systems are supported and maintained at all times is increasingly important for businesses of all sizes.

SCA is an award-winning IT services company that can support you in operating, optimising and monitoring all your computing and communication platforms to help you maximise their effectiveness around the clock.

Our managed services provide access to our troubleshooting services, expert help desk support and emergency assistance based on a single monthly fixed fee.

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Keeping IT systems as safe and secure as possible isn’t always straightforward but is rightly considered an essential objective for small, medium and large-scale business alike in today’s tech-reliant workplaces.

SCA has all the expertise and experience you need to identify any security-related vulnerabilities or potential causes for concern within your IT infrastructure.

Staying secure isn’t just about safeguarding your data, it’s also about encouraging good habits amongst your teams. Our services help people understand security from a strategic perspective and how you can be proactive in keeping your essential systems up to speed.

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Small and medium-sized businesses in any field today need to be equipped with quality IT and communications solutions to achieve their full potential and to sustainably grow, compete and innovate.

It isn’t always straightforward to identify precisely the IT solutions you need as an SME or to maintain and scale them in line with your requirements and the demands of your industry.

SCA helps businesses like yours to seamlessly integrate, maintain and protect your technology while remaining flexible, powerful, easily scalable and reliably cost-effective.

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