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Managing Technology for your people

Hosted Mail

Streamlining your email communications

SCA provides a comprehensive Hosted Mail service that ensures everyone in your business can manage their emails, contacts and calendars seamlessly across all their devices and from any web browser.

We’ll make sure that all your email communications are simultaneously synced across desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablet devices.

Saving time and money while avoiding frustration

Using free email systems to manage your professional communications can present problems if you use multiple devices and they do not sufficiently support the level of collaboration modern businesses need.

Without a dedicated Hosted Mail system, your emails may not be synced automatically across all your devices, which can lead to individual messages having to be read and reread before being actioned or deleted. Plus, failing to sync across multiple devices can cause real confusion when more than one person is responsible for managing a specific email account.

All of this can lead to frustration and lost time for professionals who need their communication systems to be as reliable, seamless and easy to use as possible.

Until now, the only way to properly sync up your emailing systems has been to purchase an expensive in-house mail server and find someone to maintain it. But with SCA’s Hosted Mail service, there is nothing to buy in advance and you only pay a low monthly cost per mailbox.

Say goodbye to SPAM

Whether you are plagued by SPAM email or mail-borne viruses, our hosted email service will be the answer to these issues. Spam and infected email will be blocked before you download it and anything doubtful will be quarantined.  You will no longer need to wade through tons of junk mail simply to do your job.

Automation and reliability

SCA’s Hosted Mail system automatically backs up all your contacts, emails and diary so when you change your smartphone, everything will re-appear on the first synchronisation – you will never lose this information again.

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