Password (almost) Perfect

It’s a sad fact that many of the worlds passwords are “password”, “secret”, “123456” and in the western world, “QWERTY”. Luckily for us, many of the most critical sites we use won’t allow simple passwords but we should not rest easy if we have not given some

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Net Neutrality

Last week celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the World Wide Web, the system designed by Tim Berners-Lee to share information – but that system has is under threat. Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s system to share information in an easily accessible way, using a textual language called “Hypertext”, went on

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You Have Mail!

Clients keep asking about “spam emails” that are really malware in disguise, so this is the first of a few guides that hopefully you’ll all find useful. Many of you will have been aware of the recent increase in spam emails containing ZIP file attachments. These ZIP

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